Redd Rags Boutique

REDD Rags Boutique was created by God and Family.  Inspired by my family (Roosevelt, Ethel, Dovetta and yours truly, DeLinda). 

I love to shop for unique items and create personal styles, which not only make you look good but, feel good too. 

That new handbag or bold statement necklace is exactly what you may need to push through your hectic day. Let me be your personal stylist!  I have an eye for beauty and for beautiful people just like you! REDD Rags Boutique will bring uniqueness to your look.  Specializing in the complete look from head to toe.  Upscale, Classy, Comfortable, Casual, Sexy and Trendy Couture that won’t hurt your pocket.  REDD Rags Boutique is all that and so much more!  Accessories to complete every look.

“I Dare You To Be Different”

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